Below we list the Usernames followed by the full names of those of us who have created and act as the administrators of The Herbarium. These Usernames can be found in the file reference that heads each document or article, so you can identify the writers.

natlycNathalie Chidley

herbalisticNeil Pellegrini

herboscyStephen & Carol Church

timbolaneTim Lane

sallyviney Sally Viney

kymslKym Murden

bergittemBergitte McGovern

susannahjevansSue Evans

therrilahoodTherri Lahood

lwarner – Lucinda Warner


This is the Username of the group as a whole. We use it to denote core documents that have been prepared as a joint effort between us. It is also used when we are publishing articles written by guests, whose names and any contact details (if they choose) appear in the text.