Below we list the Usernames followed by the full names of the ten of us who have created and act as the administrators of The Herbarium. These Usernames can be found in the file reference that heads each document or article, so you can identify the writers.

We can all be contacted, individually or as a group at

It was tempting to give family details for each of us until it dawned that by strange coincidence we’re all married (or in that modern way of doing things, partnered) and all have children. Stephen & Carol also have grandchildren.

natlycNathalie Chidley
herbalisticNeil Pellegrini

Nathalie and Neil are our two Bsc graduates, from Middlesex University – they met and both now work at the Archway Clinic of Herbal Medicine in North London. They are the ones we take most notice of – they’re the youngest of the group and have more claim on the future, and as University graduates they represent what is by now the largest demographic in Herbal Medicine. As urban herbalists they make sure the rest of us don’t get too carried away with our pastoral idylls! Nathalie, the “Queen of Creams”, combines her experience in both herbal medicine and aromatherapy as our expert on external herbal preparations, on which subject she teaches and writes. Neil is the ‘brains’ behind The Herbarium – he set it up and organises it for us. Hailing from South Africa, Neil is valued for his refreshingly practical, fearless, no-nonsense approach to the task at hand.

herboscyStephen & Carol Church

Stephen & Carol are a husband-and-wife team with long experience as practitioners. They have always promoted mutual aid and support amongst herbalists and students, and run regular workshops and ‘get-togethers’ at their practice with its well-stocked herb garden in suburban N.E. Surrey. Their specialised subject is the small-scale growing and producing of herbal medicines, reflected in their writings.

timbolaneTim Lane

Tim is our most rural herbalist, practising in Norfolk, and also both our busiest practitioner and most senior academic, boasting an MSc from the Scottish School. He has particular interests in Humoral Medicine and Goethian Science. Tim is a huge asset to the Transition Herbal Medicine initiative, being conversant with an impressive range of country lore and crafts.

sallyviney Sally Viney

Sally is very much a country herbalist living and working in the heart of Hampshire. She’s the quiet one of the group – in consequence of enormous value to us as she misses nothing. She has always grown and produced her own medicines, which she does from start to finish by Biodynamic principles. She also keep a variety of animals, and is a committed beekeeper, producing honey as deliciously impressive as her medicines.

kymslKym Murden

Kym is an experienced and gifted practitioner with a background in local government, as a tutor in herbal medicine, and as a key worker for Transition Town Lewes. Kym is our expert on herb-lore and very much the Earth Mother of the group. She emigrated to New Zealand in March 2010, where we can be confident she will both be working to spread the transition herbal medicine ethos amongst the Kiwis, and likewise feeding back information from the most environmentally proactive nation in the western world.


This is the Username of the group as a whole. We use it to denote core documents that have been prepared as a joint effort between us. It is also used when we are publishing articles written by guests, whose names and any contact details (if they choose) appear in the text.

The Herbarium welcomes three new additions to the editorial team from Spring 2010. We will breath a sigh of relief to be able to share out the workload, but are also delighted to anticipate a more eclectic spread and an important step towards giving the Herbarium a more international flavour.

bergittemBergitte McGovern

Bergitte (or ‘Bee’ as we all know her), although relatively new to herbal medicine does anything well that she turns her hand to – and she brings to the Herbarium one of those rarest of qualities in Herbal Medicine – she’s highly organised! With European genes and a South African upbringing, Bee will help to generate a more international feel to what we do, and also provides a link to the Scottish School alumni, who we believe will prove a formidable force in shaping the future of herbal medicine in the UK. Bee and her husband Steve live in Shropshire and have a beautiful baby daughter, Willow.

susannahjevansSue Evans

When you look at Sue’s CV, think antiquity: she has an ancestry dating back to Australia’s First Fleet; her academic background is in social history; she’s been a herbalist since the early 1980s (really!); she’s been teaching herbal medicine on the degree course in Naturopathy, Southern Cross University since the mid-1990s, when the idea of such a thing was still in its infancy in the UK. But if you spend a day with her, you’ll be left reeling from her astonishing energy and enthusiasm – she’s certainly no antique herself! Sue is quite clear that her politics are not our politics (the regulatory scene in Australia is entirely different, albeit equally bizarre) – but we value her inclusion on the Herbarium team for her razor-sharp insights. In particular, Sue is as keen and hardworking on the need to ‘green up’ herbal medicine and move towards a sustainable future as any of us: comparing notes with the Australian experience is going to prove invaluable.

therrilahoodTherri Lahood

Therri represents an interesting experiment in herbal medicine – she’s been ‘cherry-picking’ elements of formal education whilst getting much of her training from a sort of ‘job-share’ apprenticeship with established practitioners, in particular Kym Murden, her fellow ‘ditch witch’, (since Kym left for New Zealand, the ‘ditch’ has just become a little wider!) Her experiences are already providing invaluable insights for the future of education in herbal medicine. Therri is a ‘natural’ – one of the best hedgerow herbalists around, and outstanding in practice. She lives near Lewes, Sussex with her husband, Alex, and son, Stan.

…and another addition for 2011: -

lwarner Lucinda Warner

 If you want to know why we invited Lucinda to join the Herbarium team, look at her exquisite ‘Whispering Earth’ blog – it just goes to show what you can achieve if you don’t own a television! The other exciting thing about Lucinda is that she’s young, ensuring the Herbarium will be in safe hands for at least another 30 years. Lucinda lives near Lewes, Sussex, with her husband, Mark. She’s recently qualified and, as will become apparent, knows more about herbs and herbal medicine than most seasoned practitioners.